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An Artist and True Performer- Prince Poppycock

September 17, 2010

Prince Poppycock's outfit in his first audition

As I came across a youtube video of a 10 year-old girl singing with the amazing Sarah Brightman at America’s Got Talent Finale, I decided to checkout the other finalists. This led me to Prince Poppycock! I was instantly intrigued when he came on stage for his final performance and stopped the clip instantly and collect all his performances to prepare to watch his journey on his show before I see the last performance.

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No more “I HAVE TO” but “I GET TO”!

September 11, 2010

You don't have to finish the milkshakes, you get to!

There are many things that we are asked to do by others, whether in school or at work. In a individualistic society, often time, we (or at least I do) ask the question “do I want to do this.” If the answer is “yes”, then no questions asked, if “no”, then there might be some hesitation or lack of motivation about doing it. A super interesting encounter really made me to start thinking about the questions and the statements I have for myself when doing tasks, and I am excited to share it with you!

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Are You A Caterpillar~

August 22, 2010

Caterpillars in a Line (Via Snazzo on Flickr)

We all follow routines and procedures throughout our daily life, whether it is turning on your computer first thing in the morning, answering e-mail at work, or brushing your teeth in a certain pattern. Some of these routines have been with us for years or decades. However, have you ever thought of other ways starting your morning, doing your job, or even brushing your teeth that just might lead you to discovering a new and perhaps better way?

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TOO Genuine?

August 12, 2010

Can people handle what is under the mask?

In the past few years, I really learned to be genuine and honest about who I am. Not only it means coming to terms and accepting/owning my feelings and to communicate those effectively (or at least try to). However, at times I feel some people don’t really know how to handle others showing their true colours for many reasons, and at times, I feel I should be considerate and not be too genuine for them.

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Best Sport of All- Swimming

July 8, 2010
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I love swimming. I swim 3+ times a week, all year long. I enjoy every moment I am in the pool and it also makes me enjoy every moment out of the pool. I may be biased to say that swimming is the best sport since I do it so much, but it is also scientifically proven.

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Guess who this is!

July 5, 2010

I know I know… it’s an old song, but this song will become a classic. You just wait! This is a performance in 2009 at the American Music Award. WHO IS THE BLOND?!

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Octopus predicted Germany’s victory over Argentina

July 3, 2010

With Germany winning their fourth game this morning against Argentina, a star that is not on the team has captured many people’s attention. That is an octopus named “Paul.”

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